Month: February 2021

A K Sharma visits Ayodhya & Ambedkar Nagar

As part of Purvanchal Tour, A K Sharma visited different locations of Ayodhya and Ambedkar Nagar Districts. People in vast number welcomed him and exhibited their love and support. In his multiple addresses to the people, fellow BJP workers and friends, he emphasized on how a collaboration between Government and People can lead to faster development which Modi and Yogi Governments have aggressively started.

Looking to the unexpectedly huge response of the people, he remembered the grace of God. In his tweet, he quoted Ramcharit Manas: जा पर कृपा राम की होइ, ता पर कृपा करे सब कोई || जय श्री राम !

A K Sharma starts Purvanchal Tour

After swearing in as MLC, A K Sharma started his first tour of Purvanchal en route to his home district Mau. He said that this is to connect with his own soil. He started it as a personal tour. However, right from the start of the tour, the excitement of the people along the way was tremendous. That explains why he used the hashtag #कारवांबनतागया for this tour.

All along a large number of workers and well-wishers came forward and joined him in the tour which increased the profile of the moment. He, however, said that it only shows the love of people towards Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Yogi Adityanath, BJP and BJP Leadership.

A K Sharma takes oath as MLC

A K Sharma took oath as MLC on 05 February 2021. He especially thanked BJP Leadership, Organization & Party Workers. He also stated that his life is dedicated to service of Nation & people.

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