Month: March 2021

Arvind Kumar Sharma visits Azamgarh

A K Sharma met senior leaders, office bearers and party workers at District BJP office in Azamgarh. AK Sharma received blessings of seniors and love from colleagues while exchanging Holi wishes. Sharma in his address to party workers, promised to work together for the development of Azamgarh District.

AK Sharma also visited the Divisional District Hospital of Azamgarh. After reviewing key aspects of the district hospital, Sharma had a discussion with CMO & CMS. A K Sharma promised to put consolidated efforts for development and strengthening of the important hospital of Purvanchal. In evening, Sharma visited Urban Areas of Azamgarh before leaving for Lucknow.

#होलीपरगांवमें #आज़मगढ़कीआन

Mesmerizing & Soulful Experience of AK Sharma

AK Sharma met people of the Musahar (मुसहर) community of the village at his home. Sharma during his IAS service, settled the work of electrification of Kajha Khurd village. Now, with efforts from A K Sharma as MLC, the road works have also started which will enhance livelihood of people of village. Sharma further ensured to help them in all other ways.

After years, A K Sharma enjoyed blowing “चने का होरहा” with the people of the village and the region. अन्नपूर्णे सदापूर्णे शंकर प्राण वल्लभे ! Sharma also took an opportunity, which he refers as a divine experience, to inquire about happiness and sorrow of his loved ones at village under Amrapali (Mango Tree). AK Sharma also met people of different communities at his home under the कदम्ब tree. Sharma also rememebered his late शिवनाम father who was fond of बेल का शरबत and hence planted बिल्व tree in his home.

भवानी शंकरौ वंदे ! #होलीपरगांवमें



A K Sharma in Kajha Khurd for Holi Celebrations

On auspicious occasion of Holi, AK Sharma visited his village Kajha Khurd. Sharma was fortunate to receive blessings from all sections of the village people. A K Sharma joyfully played Holi rituals with all the people of his native village. Sharma also took blessings of all the village deities on this holy festival. AK Sharma also recalled and relived his childhood memories of walking in garden and picking “Mahua”.

On next day, A K Sharma continued the Holi celebrations with BJP family which includes Mau Party President and workers. It was an heart touched moment for everyone to witness such belongingness among the Mau BJP Family.



AK Sharma visits Mau Bus Station

Under “Mau Ki Muskaan” initiative, A K Sharma initiated reconstruction and renovation of Mau Bus Station after an accepted request from top officials of Transport Department. In march, while Sharma was in Mau for Holi celebrations, he and RM of Transport Department, visited the Mau Bus Station to review the progress of the works. AK Sharma thanked Transport Minister & State Administration for supporting “Mau Ki Muskaan” initiative.


AK Sharma visits District Hospitals of Mau

In another initiative of AK Sharma under “Mau Ki Muskaan” campaign and as a response to Sharma’s request to Hon. Health Minister and Health Secretary, 2 female disease experts and 1 pediatric expert were appointed on the existing vacancies in Mau District Women Hospital. During Holi, Sharma visited the hospital and discussed various issues with Hospital Administration. A K Sharma performed “श्रमदान” in District Hospitals and distributed Dustbins for cleanliness with public partnership. Sharma thanked all the doctors, staff and district administration for showing support towards his initiative “Mau Ki Muskaan”.


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